The Reviews Are in for Better Call Saul


“The Saul Goodman series starts out already better than Breaking Bad.” — Stephen Marche, Esquire.


“There’s an incredible amount of payoff for fans of the original series with subtle nods and references to the parent show. For those of you who may be groaning and rolling your eyes, don’t worry. The show doesn’t overdo it. If you’re not looking for the references, you most likely won’t even see some hidden in plain sight.” – Kirsten Acuna, Business Insider


“The instant the duct tape is ripped off his mouth by his captors, a certain Saul-ness kicks in and Odenkirk’s talent is on full display as Jimmy delivers a pleading, philosophical monologue on–among other things–the awful nature of revenge.” — Hank Stuever, Washington Post


“Essentially, “Saul” is an extended origin story, possessing “Bad’s” flavor and black comedy but at least initially lacking its emotional core. While that dictates a mixed verdict, the creative auspices nevertheless bode well.” — Brian Lowry, Variety


“The first hour moves slower than people might be expecting, but builds to and ends on a wonderful cliff-hanger that is partly but not fully solved in the second episode.” – Tim Goodman, Hollywood Reporter


“Like Saul himself, its identity is a work in progress. The energetic visual storytelling engages, but the deliberate pacing left me restless.” – Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly


Are you going to watch Better Call Saul?