Top 5 Most Heart-Breaking fka twigs Songs

1. “Numbers” / LP1

The exact context of this track is vague, like many of Twigs’ songs are. But, the concept of an individual being distilled to a singular number is always soul-wrenching, no matter who it pertains.

“Was I just a number to you? / Was I just a lonely girl to fly? / Tonight, I’ve got a question for you. / Tonight, do you want to live or die?”

2. “In Time” / M3LL155X

This track is heart-breaking in a different way than her other songs. This song breaks hearts in an uplifting, empowering way.

“I won’t be lonely / And you won’t be silent / And we will be dancing / The way that we’re wanting each other to be / If you could commit to making me happy / And stay with me in this / Stay with me in this.”

3. “Water Me” / EP2

There is nothing more forlorn than the minimalist beat alongside the lyrics of this song.

“He won’t make love to me now / Not now, I’ve set the fee / He said it’s too much in pounds / I guess I’m stuck with me.”

4. “Breathe” / EP1

Particularly underrated, “Breathe” is a bloodthirsty depiction of a complicated relationship we can only attempt to fathom through the emotions she delivers.

“Help me in ways of submission / My body’s itching to press on the bruises you hide with a smile / Love to incessantly hate me / I’ll cry, but just for a while.”

5. “Pendulum” / LP1

Nothing is as classically heart-breaking as unrequited love. The video paired alongside this song only enhances the tone, bound, yet alone.

“I’ve got time, but you’re tired of waiting / You only want me in open spaces / Come fill your gaps with people / I know no one / so lonely trying to be yours.”


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