Top 7 Most Infectious Dance Songs by Lindsey Stirling

It’s easy to say Lindsey Stirling does not have a bad song in her portfolio. They are all expertly played and placed alongside a catchy beat to make her sound unique. Today, we are looking at the top songs of hers which cause listeners to dance uncontrollably.

Electric Daisy Violin / Lindsey Stirling

When a song is named after the largest music festival with dancing involved, probably in the world, then we think it’s fairly obvious why this song is on the list.

2. Crystallize / Lindsey Stirling

The lead up to the chorus is intense. Once that beat explodes and the violin twitters like crazy, one cannot help but sway and shake to the beat.

Shadows / Lindsey Stirling

It helps that Lindsey dances in her videos to act as a guide. “Shadows” in particular not only makes you want to just sway, it makes you want to hop and leap.

Mirror Haus / Shatter Me

This beat will make you want to jump up and down like you are at a rave, while simultaneously doing whatever you can with your hips.

V-Pop / Shatter Me

Though this track starts off more calmly than the others, this song is difficult not to twirl to, especially if you have a friend to help you out.

We Are Giants feat. Dia Frampton / Shatter Me

To pump you up before the chorus, you can belt out the lyrics with Dia Frampton. Then, clap and dance accordingly.

Master of Tides / Shatter Me

The dancing in her video is even contagious. This beat strongly encourages popping of your shoes and splashing a bit in the water.

Her new album dropping in August, Brave Enough, will surely have contenders as well.


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