Weyes Blood is the Host of the Week


The host of the week is Weyes Blood a.k.a. Natalie Mering. This is what Mexican Summer has to say about her:


Weyes Blood (a/k/a Natalie Mering) trafficks in the purest forms of musical expression: the voice, the words, and the music all ring true, as if shuttled in from the realization that there are no absolutes, especially in your mind. “Hang On,” the second track from her new album The Innocents, waltzes across uncertain emotional territory, our narrator affirming her resolve (“I will hang on/When the rains come/And wash away/All I’ve come from”) across a strongly Canterbury-influenced strain of country folk, 12-string guitar strummed with intensity and drums splashing out in the background, akin to the most primal form of expression: elements laid bare, deeply connected to the past, and miles away from anything else you’re likely to hear in music today.


You may know Mering from the noise-rock outfit Jackie-O Motherfucker or maybe from Nautical Almanac, although most likely you recognize her powerful pipes from Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Mature Themes.

Weyes Blood will be sharing personal favorites and her tunes as well all week long here on Punchland. Stay tuned!