Yuck’s “Hold Me Closer”: Beach Day Must-Have

Yuck provides some dark humour in its album art for their new track, "Hold Me Closer" (Photo courtesy of Yuck)

Growing up on the shores of South Jersey, where swimming, aggressive driving, and Wawa runs are just a natural part of life, I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of a proper playlist for those long summer road trips or beach days. That said, I have to admit that London based indie band Yuck’s new track, “Hold Me Closer” is a perfect track for just such a playlist.

Emulating an eclectic yet comfortable mix of the Beach Boys and Nirvana, Yuck manages to capture the spirit of beach-centric wanderlust and personal attraction with aggressive vibes and strong vocals.  The catchy rhythm,  smooth riffs complement and “cool down” (pardon the pun) the intensity of the vocals, resulting in an excellent balance and an overall smooth, fun tune. As for the message of the song, though a spirited influence is definitely present, there isn’t much present beyond that. Rather, there is just continual repetition on the desire and joy of being “held closer”. Simplicity is fine when done well, but in this case some depth wouldn’t hurt.

In any event, I have no doubt that Yuck’s “Hold Me Closer” will definitely hold a spot on my beach day playlist for years to come and will probably be a favorite for concert-goers throughout summertime. Don’t just take my word for it though, have a listen yourself!

Yuck’s 2015 tour will see them hitting Philadelphia, New York, and Atlanta among other places. More information can be found here.


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