Get More Spotify Followers: Promotional Services for Bands and Podcasts

Get more Spotify followers! These are quick tips and tricks to help you get more Spotify streams, gain new followers, and get more playing. For the past 10 years, we have promoted thousands of artists of all genres of music and now we’re rolling out the service to all artists. Get in touch: info(at) We partnered with a provider and can boost your presence on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

(1) Have a Consistent Catalogue on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

Many musicians sit on songs and only release one album a year in many or more instances. On Spotify, having all of your songs on the website is to your advantage. Why? You can listen to other records/stream more of your music when you have that one album that pops off potential listeners. For fans, when you only have one song on the website, it is really easy for someone to lose interest. Furthermore, the more records you release, the more opportunities you have to get on larger playlists. Stick to the formula that follows:
Release high quality singles out of the gate at a comfortable pace, lets say 1 single every 3 months.
Set a budget and set an achievable metric for monthly listeners for these upfront singles. If you start with zero, let’s have a 10K gun.
Use the first three singles (what promo companies/services to use, track artwork continuity and other material you build around the album, such as music videos) to nail down the recipe. And don’t forget: get more Spotify followers, because size matters.

(2) From the start, make it pop.

During the first 15–30 seconds of a song, you need to make your song flow well but don’t waste time. In the first 10 seconds, 28.97% would miss (Forbes). We get a lot of records introduced to us that are fantastic, but many of them have a meaningless intro of 15-30 seconds. Don’t waste time heating them up for new listeners, get into it! When you submit your music to labels and playlist curators, this is extremely important.

If you’re an instrumental musician, a 6 minute masterpiece doesn’t have to be cut down to 1:30. You should reconsider the process if you’re a Hip Hop artist and you’re still putting out songs that are over four minutes long. Additionally, the shorter the album, the less writing and production, helps you to churn out more music for a Hip Hop artist. Note the background and the audience is crucial when it comes to song length!

(4) Spotify for Musicians

This is the most UNDER Used instrument that is FREE by far. I’ve seen artists who don’t send their songs to S4A with over 30,000 followers. That’s 30,000 placements of Discover Weekly/Release Radar down the drain. The most important box to check when launching a new album on Spotify is the submission of your song 2 weeks prior to publication.

(5) Your best buddy is your distribution business.

You can never gain access to the different marketing opportunities such as Apple Music and Spotify that come from DSPs. For some types of songs for playlist placements or platform marketing opportunities, services like Spotify are often reaching out to their network of distributors. They’re probably your biggest ally in the fight to get noticed! Be good to your distributor.

(6) Have you heard of “Splice?”

Make a video that is 60% of your song and upload the video to YouTube.
Overlay the video with the ‘Listen to the complete song on Spotify’ message and link to the Spotify song in the description of the video.
The same video can be used across social media, as the suggested video lengths are as follows. Twitter: 20 seconds, 30 seconds for Facebook, 15 seconds for Instagram.

(7) Long-term short-term thought.

You don’t need a hit, you need more records to be released to improve the odds of a hit. When a new release hits Spotify, the more updates, the more opportunities you have to activate the algorithms. Play the long game and create a plan for release that you can stick to. Get away from social media and get to work.

(8) Art of Cover Matters!

Not only can fascinating artwork pull in potential listeners, you have a great chance at being picked up by playlists. The stronger the artwork, the greater the appearance of an existing artist.

(9) Forget about playlists for garbage.

There are a lot of people running junk playlists out there, having an impressive number of followers and plays and saves will help you get the visibility you are looking for. That’s why you have to get more Spotify followers.

Get more Spotify followers.

(10) About social media.

It can be difficult to get plays and followers on Spotify if you have a small Twitter and Instagram audience. Your numbers matter.
Use these platforms if you have a strong following on Twitter or Instagram to not only alert your fans that you have dropped a new song, but also share playlists that you have picked up along the way.

(11) Fostering.

Do you take your career in music seriously? If you do, getting more followers on Spotify, plays and reviews in Apple Music and plays Amazon Music needs to be considered. We have run several campaigns and have been boosting numbers for several different artists. Setting up your campaign is really easy.

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