Artist in Residency of the Week: Dry (Brazil)


Every week we’re gonna have an artist sharing with us their stories and their favorite music videos. We are proud to introduce to all Punchland friends the Brazilian band Dry. We posted a performance by Dry before and we reached out to Dry’s drummer Augusto Zimiani who talk to us about the band’s genesis, the impact of social media in his creativity, the rock scene in Goiania and more. Part I of the interview is below.

Punchland – First things first: tell us a little about how Dry was formed to our Punchland friends.

Dry – The band was formed in mid-2011, but we started playing together a year later. We met in college, so to get together and start playing was very organic. We were supposed to have another guitar player, Virgilio, but he moved away.

Punchland – This is rather common. College friends starting a band? Did you guys meet each other on the same classroom or did you go to different classes?

Dry – We went to different classes. We met in the university, but the band was formed later. I’m the youngest, I graduated in 2009 and the band started in 2011. As a matter of fact, the only member of the band we didn’t meet in college was Pedro, who is the sibling of one of our friends who we actually met in the university. We all graduated in design, except Pedro, who is the only matter of fact musician, hahahah! He studied classic guitar and classical musical.

Punchland – How did you decide the name of the band? What were the alternatives?

Dry – Coming up with a name is pretty difficult, like it always is, yeah? I don’t really remember the alternatives, but one of them was Mono. At the time, Virgilio (the guitarist who moved away) had hurt his ear and we joked that he wouldn’t be able to hear from it anymore and we’d need to record all songs in mono, hahaha. Of course, that idea went away. We stuck with Dry, meaning that we wanted to do a sound that was more direct, raw, dry. Also because Goiania has a really dry weather most of the year. Nothing much to it, that was the reference.

Punchland – Enjoy the Fall gave me nostalgic chills down my spine when I first listen to it. I felt a strong influence of the grunge scene from the 90’s and at the same time Dry brings a lot of variables to this conversation. New influences? Old influences? How was the process to give birth to this record?

Dry – Indeed, grunge influenced it a lot, however always in an organic way. I believe this can change as time goes by, as it happens with other bands. But, it was a common denominator to all of us. Each one of us has a different musical style that winds up contributing a lot to it. One of the biggest influences was the sound of earlier Silverchair records, Soundgarden too. We also listen to a lot of Tool, Russian Circles, Mastodon, Trouble, Down, Corrosion of Conformity. I don’t even think we sound like them, but they are bands we listen to and they always inspire us in some way.

Stay tuned for Part II this Thursday!


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