Interview: BOYBOY

We caught up recently with electro-pop musician BOYBOY, aka Sam McCarthy. Since the release of the singles, “Boy”, “None of Your Love”, and “Vices” music blogs have been blowing up a storm about the explosive nature of the tracks. Read below about his influences, his background, and unique artwork. Check out his music on Soundcloud HERE.

I’ve read that you’ve originated from New Zealand, and are now based in L.A. Does your environment influence you?

The environment can be very influential. I sense my mixes have gained a lot more treble since I moved to Los Angeles. However, maybe it’s important to determine how the environment is influencing you and create a filter. For example, if I only absorbed the road noise outside my house then BOYBOY would sound like Trap Hi-hats. Hopefully.

How long have you been doing music? Why did you start playing music?

I wrote my first song in preschool when I was 3 about a boy named ‘Scott’. The song was called ‘Scotty Dotty’. He was pissed. I later began studying music when I was 10. I think at that age, one is often looking for something to identify with, and maybe music was a topic that felt comfortable but also exciting. And attracted girls.

How would you describe your sound?

Like a white Eminem.

Do you do your own artwork?

The artwork is a collaboration between my girlfriend and I. It’s been only of body parts so far and I think she has fun drawing me, especially when I had my finger up my nose.

Do you have other band members?

Perhaps the initial ideas come out of my mouth, however I’m always working with others on production or lyrics. I have very fancy friends.


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