Interview: Dan Koch of Sherwood

I recently got the pleasure of talking to Dan Koch, guitarist of Sherwood. Their newest album Some Things Never Leave You just released through Bad Christian.

Nicole Scott: What is unique about Some Things Never Leave You compared to all your other work?

Dan Koch: Lyrically, it is much more focused.  We are older, and we know what we want to say — we want to talk about maturity, silence, value.  We are less depressed about lack of romantic relationships, ha!  Musically, I think there are some new layers that we’ve brought in here and there, but to me it feels like a continuation of where we went on QU, which was itself a musical growth and slight departure from the previous records.

NS: You all have had many years to experiment with lots of other projects – We Shot the Moon and even The Sherwood Show. How have messing with these other endeavors affected what is now the band Sherwood?

DK: Yeah, they definitely have.  I think we came to this album with a lot more different skills under our belts than we had on previous records.  We haven’t stopped working on music at all, so it wasn’t like dusting off the old skills or anything; it was more just redirecting our efforts back to Sherwood for a time.  That was a ton of fun.

NS: You all have been in the music industry for years. If you could go back and tell yourself a few things as a beginning musician, what would you tell yourself?

DK: Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it much differently, I don’t think.  It was a great experience, and it didn’t matter that we made no money.  It was great to travel the world.  In terms of PERSONAL stuff, I would tell myself: listen when others criticize you. They are probably right.

NS: Tell us the story of your favorite song on the record.

DK: The final track, “The Unknown,’ is definitely my favorite.  It really encapsulates lyrically the center of the album: stepping away from a more fundamentalist certainty-oriented religious posture, and embracing one that is more mysterious, that requires daily trust.  Also, we got to write the initial song with our good friend Dan Young (formerly This Providence), a great writer and a great hang.

NS: What is the most unique venue you’ve played for a show before?

DK: Playing with Relient K at a Six Flags theme park in Texas for 8,000 people was awesome and unique.

NS: Do you all find you are more inspired musically by more contemporary music, more classic content, or is it a bit of both?

DK: For me, with this new Sherwood album, it’s a good pretty balanced mix.  I am falling in love all over again with some of the records that initially inspired us to start the band, but then I’m also challenged by great current rock bands.  It’s fun to try and incorporate both influences into one song.

NS: What is the plan now that Some Things Never Leave You is complete? Tours, continue writing music, what?

DK: We are hitting the road for a West Cost tour next month (July), and depending on how that goes, we will possibly add more dates in other parts of the country, or abroad.  And yeah, if it seems like there is an appetite out there for this album, then we would love to write another one, and see what else we’ve got left to say.

Thanks so much Dan Koch. Be sure to check out the new record Some Things Never Leave You, out now. To keep up with Sherwood, follow them on their website and on Facebook.


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