Pacific Rim – Movie Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro is back motherfuckers! I’m sorry but in my mind I yelled that through a megaphone at you. After Guil, (we’re Bro’s) left “The Hobbit” clusterfuck in 2010, which he was intended to direct, he cleared his schedule to direct the upcoming “Pacific Rim”. Now I know what you’re thinking, “What could be better than directing “The Hobbit” adaptation? How about a movie where Godzilla-esque monsters invade Earth from the bottom of the ocean, and mankind responds by creating giant robots to fight them. The movie also has a cameo from the robot from Portal.

How about that? You like that? Yeah you like that baby. Oh yeah you like it, and I like it to. How about you take your pants off. Ok I’m sorry I got carried away, but giant robots fighting monsters always makes me a little crazy. So seriously, check out the trailer, this is the director of “Blade II”, so its obviously a lock for biggest movie of the year.

By the way, while we’re talking about “Blade II”, go see that movie as well. It is by far the best of the Blade movies. Yeah I’m saying it, and I stand by it. Do you know why? Because “Blade II” has “Vampire-Vampires”. What’s a “Vampire-Vampire”? It’s a vampire that doesn’t just hunt humans, but hunts and kills vampires as well. “Vampire-Vampires”….Fucking A!Oh yeah, so check out the trailer for “Pacific Rim”, because it looks pretty awesome.

Jeffrey Tyc
Jeffrey Tyc
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