A Kickstarter Project You Should Fund: The Big Spoon

Movie tagline: An Unromantic Comedy about the Perils of Staying Together when You Should Really be Apart.
What is it about? THE BIG SPOON is about the uncomfortable, hilarious, sometimes dark and mostly honest lengths people will go to to make a mismatched relationship work- not just in romance, but in friendship, too.

What are they going to do with the money?

We’ve already raised some funds from private investors, and now we are looking to raise the final $35k that will enable us to go into production this summer or fall. Your donations will be spent on renting camera and lighting equipment, feeding our cast and crew, and housing and transporting our actors.
Our STRETCH GOAL is $50k. After we make our goal of $35k, the additional $15k will be used to pay a living wage to the amazing collaborators who will help us put this film together! We strongly believe that even on micro-budget films, it is possible for crew to make a living.
And our STRETCH STRETCH GOAL is $75K. After we reach our first two benchmarks, the next $25k will be used to fund our post-production phase- editing, sound design, color correction, and additional dialogue recording.

With your help, we can create smart, funny entertainment that also puts talented Austin filmmakers and crew to work!

Go to Kickstarter and make this happen!

With Mallory Culbert, Alex Karpovsky and Agustin Silva, written by Mallory Culbert and Carly Hudson; directed by Carly Hudson.
Produced by Melissa Dalley, Anne Hubbel and Amy Hobby. Co-produced by Benjamin Fuqua. With Associate Producer Camille Scioli Chambers.


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