An Interview With Agustin Silva From The Cast of “The Big Spoon”


Check out our interview with the talented and rather busy Chilean actor Agustin Silva (Lionel in The Big Spoon) who also starred in The Maid (2009) and Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus (2013).


Punchland: I noticed that most of your work so far has been with your family. Tell us about what’s like growing up in a family of artists.

Agustin Silva: When I was growing up, everything related to art came from my brother Sebastián. I remember my father used to paint a lot so that might have been a hook too. We all used to draw all day long in our lake house.

Punchland: Did you adopt New York or is this just a temporary move?

Agustin Silva: Temporary so far.

Punchland: I moved to New York City in 2008 from Brazil and it took me a second or two to adapt, mostly because I was away from my family and friends. I noticed that you are working with your brother Sebastian Silva again, so I’m assuming he’s somewhat around. Can you tell us a bit about what’s like to be living and working in the US?

Tiring, but stimulating now that I’m studying acting. Last year was mellower and fun, but unresolved. I’ve met great people and seen admirable things. However, it’s a noisy lifestyle that feels a bit exhibitionist and indifferent at times for the sake of success. I’m not ready to say I’d live here.

Punchland: What would you say is the main difference between working in Chile and here?

Agustin Silva: Here is faster and louder.

Punchland: You have been in The Maid in 2009 and then there’s this break till 2013 where it seems like you have been working non stop. What happened then?

Agustin Silva: During that break I was studying in High School and never got offered anything that I can remember of.

Punchland: Tell us a bit about this project with Michael Cera and your brothers where you shot two movies back to back.

Agustin Silva: Sebastian decided to shoot Crystal Fairy while waiting for Magic Magic to be completely funded. He just had an outline for the first one, so we went up north and improvised under brilliant direction. Four months later we shot Magic Magic in the south of Chile. The movies are opposite worlds: one is like a chimney, a warm reflexive trip of compassion and the other one is a dark stomachache.

Punchland: How did you get involved in The Big Spoon?

Agustin Silva: I met Mallory at Sundance, if I’m not wrong. Then, she brought up the project and we started talking about it.

Punchland: Tell us about your character. Is he anything like you? Have you ever been in a situation like the one Lionel is facing?

Agustin Silva: He is a free spirit, cordial guy from Argentina who gets involved in this living-together with his girlfriend and her friends while he looks for a job. I’ve got the same hobbies Lionel has, but no; I’ve never been in his situation in terms of relationships.

Punchland: Tell us about your plans for the future. Are you sticking around or would you rather work in South America?

Agustin Silva: I hope both and more. I don’t want to settle in one place so far, I would still like to explore and work in other countries.