Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy Are Siblings in Twins Sequel?


The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Universal was working on developing another Twins movie (remember that movie where the Governator was Danny DeVito’s twin?) called Triplets which would bring back Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and add Eddie Murphy as their long-lost third brotha from the SAME motha. And Deadline revealed (so many revelations!) that the movie is confirmed and production is gonna start as soon as I finished this burrito. Ivan Reitman is also attached to the project as director/producer, so you know this will be just as good as his biggest production in recent years, Up in the Air. This project has no writer attached to it, so I’d suggest the writers of The Girls Next Door. Because, you know, they have the writing chops to deal with a train wreck like that. I just hope Murphy doesn’t bail in the 11th hour because one of his peers made a homophobic remark, which wasn’t really what he thinks, he just wanted to look cooler in front of the seniors, so he could join their frat house.

[Via Deadline]