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Everybody Hates Sia’s New Movie, Music

Sia’s controversial new movie has seen the light of day and lo and behold: critics are trashing it.

On the tin: Zu (Kate Hudson) is a free spirit estranged from her family who suddenly finds herself the sole guardian of her half sister, Music (Maddie Ziegler), The musical drama explores the tenuous bonds that hold us together, and imagines a world where those bonds can be strengthened in times of great challenge: love, trust, and being able to be there for each other is everything.

The controversy: The film tells the story of Kate Hudson, a young woman who is forced to take care of her nonverbal and autistic younger sister, whose name is Music. Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer in Sia’s videos, plays Music, and Sia got in trouble over her casting choice. Sia got angry on Twitter last year, responding to criticism that she should have cast an actor on the autism spectrum, “I actually tried to work on the spectrum with a beautiful, non-verbal young girl and she found it unpleasant and stressful.”

In Sia’s defense, she did tweet this also: “I actually tried working with a beautiful young girl non verbal on the spectrum and she found it unpleasant and stressful. So that’s why I cast Maddie… Grrrrrrrrrr. Fuckity fuck why don’t you watch my film before you judge it? FURY.”

So, they did watch it and they, collectively, took a dump on it:

The Hollywood Reporter:

Music is a sentimental atrocity so cringe-inducing it should come with an advisory warning for anyone with preexisting shoulder or back injuries.

The New York Times:

The cringeworthy drama Music introduces its central character in a song and dance sequence so gasp-inducingly crass, the scene almost demands that the movie be shown in theaters. At least then, audiences would be able to exercise the right to walk out.


Why does the script feel like an inspirational Instagram post that was brought to life by a witch’s curse? Why don’t any of the film’s stultifying dance sequences even try to advance the plot or allow its characters to meaningfully express how they feel inside? Why do all of them look like rejected Target commercials from a dystopian back-to-school campaign that was commissioned for the kids in Logan’s Run?

What do you think?

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