Nymphomaniac Posters: Orgasms or Singing Adele?



The marketing campaign for Nymphomaniac, the new Lars Von Trier film about “an exploration of the erotic life of a woman from infancy to middle age” would be considered clever in the mid nineties, where finding porn was secluded to print – but, nowadays you can just about find those ridiculous cum faces every fucking where. What it really looks like to me though is that they’re singing Rolling in Too Deep by Adele. Check out the character posters after the jump.00110stanymp 00011charlonymp 00011udonymp 00011umanymp 0011jaminymph 0011jensnymph 0011jeronymph 0011manymp 0011mianymph 0011niconymp 0011selignymh 0011slatenymp 0011willemnymp 00110sophnymp

The movie will be released in soft core and hard core version. Before you pull your pants down know this: the hard core version used body doubles for the sex scenes.

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Juke the Tiger – Dancetoon


Hala – Feels Like Yesterday


Indigo De Souza – Hold U


Elita – Sour Switchblade

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