Say Anything… Turns 25

Say Anything… is turning 25 and that also means that it’s the anniversary of Cameron Crowe debut as a film director. We’ll be talking more about Crowe throughout the week.

Say Anything… is a movie so specific to the characters and their lives that the greater whole of the picture becomes something dissimilar to those who see it, depending upon who they are and who/what they identify with.
Check our annotated rundown of the reviews after the jump.

Chicago Sun-Times

Reviewed by: Roger Ebert: That such intelligence could be contained in a movie that is simultaneously so funny and so entertaining is some kind of a miracle. One does not argue with Ebert.

The New Yorker

Reviewed by: Pauline Kael: John Cusack and Mahoney have to carry the unconvincing melodramatic portion of the plot, but they carry it stunningly. Pauline telling it like its. I don’t agree, but you gotta appreciate her sharpness.

The New York Times

Reviewed by: Caryn James: The predictable surface of Say Anything is constantly being cracked by characters who think and talk like real people and by John Cusack’s terrifically natural, appealing Lloyd. Trust me, this is a positive review!

Film Threat

Reviewed by: Brad Laidman: To me, Say Anything is without a shadow of a doubt the most rewarding, funny, and likable romance of the last twenty years. It heralds the decency of romantic love against the gears of a cold, grinding mechanical world. Ok, now that’s what I’m talking about!


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