Suicide Squad Review


Not exactly the most polarizing movie of the year and here’s why.
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The so-called villains are a bunch of light-hearted, candy-assed panzies.giphy (2)

Jared Leto’s Joker is smug and formulaic. Every time he is on screen all you can is roll your eyes.

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Did I mention that it’s pretty campy?

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Oh, yeah, not like satire, just straight up campy.giphy (5)

Some are saying that Margot Robbie kills it. Yeah, she does not. She has a very gimmicky, too cool for school thing that is really exhausting. giphy (6)

And they did a lot of reshoots to make the film funnier. Well, it didn’t work.

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Then you have Will Smith who plays the most wanted assassin in the world, but he has a really sob story and don’t worry his character is not about the killings, he is all about family. Like all great villains.giphy (8)

These guys are a real menace to society. I think that’s what they want us to think. But we don’t see any of it. No bad deeds.

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One of the villains even retired before he was introduced and surrendered to the police. Ooh, bad to the bone!

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The same guy calls the group of baddest villains on the planet family before the movie ends.

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Here are a few motivations: fight for love, fight to see my daughter again, fight because I accidentally killed my family, just ’cause, “I’m kind of like the Hulk of the group, so they need me here,” fight because they forced him to.giphy (12)

The main villain is even worse. No motivation, no threat. The villain wants to rule the world because it comes from a different era and they are supposed to, so let’s get going and destroy everything and conquer the world. One of the bad guys even says, “Hey, don’t join the villain, it wants to rule the world!” Remember, they are villains, not bad guys.giphy (13)

If you were expecting a rich exploration of bad guys banding together to save the world all you are going to get is a half-baked action movie with a group of people that need to figure out what they really want to do with their lives. They really don’t know how to be bad. giphy

It’s bad people, really bad.