The Dark Knight Rises — Movie Review


The Dark Knight Rises (directed by Christopher Nolan) is the season finale of a highly successful movie show. Bare with me for a second. You’ve seen Bruce Wayne grow from orphanhood to playboy vigilante. You were upset that his love interest was recast for a less attractive white woman, but you were OK with it, since the actress portraying his love interest was married to a wackjob and she “must be crazy” by association. You questioned if the butler was actually his real father (didn’t you?) and you cried when you learned that the Joker died forever.
In this journey, you dealt with the political allegories brought forth by the writers and lead by its director and you defended its honor on message boards and against critics, even threatening their lives. You killed in name of this movie show. You were condemned in name of this movie show.
No one could tell what the future would hold for Bruce Wayne at the beginning of his quest for vengeance and justice, no one knew for sure if Ra’s al Guhl was indeed immortal and no one will ever see Bane’s scarred face.
I’m sure you felt disappointed that you never got to see a real Arkham riot and how Penguin, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Dr. Hugo Strange and the Ventriloquist look like in the Nolanverse. You pleaded and prayed that he would leave that Robin thing alone.
You believed in Harvey Dent.
Bane, although an odd choice for a villain, was reshaped and reborn as a fascist leader, he’ll kill you if you leave his state, but he’ll give the city back to the people. Your hero is a mess. Old, slow and broke. Beginning, middle and end. You didn’t know his fate, but half way through it you played with the idea of his demise.
You knew, deep down, that there was no way Christopher Nolan could top The Dark Knight, but you begged for another chance to see him in action, to see his action, the action that was created inside his mind.
Sure, there wasn’t an actor stealing all the scenes in this one, it’s hard enough to have a brilliant performance out of one actor, let alone having that same level of skill in all the series. They all perform well, they all know what they’re doing and they don’t compromise.
It’s over, we have to move on, but you are still game to see another one. Maybe another three, but you know it’s not gonna be the same. Ever again.
You know that at the end of The Dark Knight you were seeing The Godfather II. Sure, they can make part III, but I’m thoroughly satisfied with what I got.
The Dark Knight Rises is an epic blockbuster, action packed, with a good and complex story. It’s highly entertaining and it will be just as successful as the other two movies, but that’s the last one. As Batman Returns was the last one for Tim Burton and the beginning of the end for the franchise.
Christopher Nolan assembled a great team to bring you the best three Batman movies ever made and he’s moving on to other projects, probably he’ll become a very successful producer of superhero related titles and you’ll probably follow him suit. Next up is Man of Steel and you’re going to see it in good faith. Just remember he just put his name there and that is all. I don’t think he’ll ever direct another superhero brand as famous as Batman in the future, but he might put his name there as producer too.
The series is over and you’ll keep on debating if it was great or not, but I know you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.