Meet MC Bin Laden – The Next Brazilian Superstar

Thump did a really nice write up on MC Bin Laden:

“Bin Laden’s music is characterized by controversial lyrics sung over a gunfire beat and sampled sounds ranging from motorcycles to the cocking of weapons and even barking dogs. In 2014’s “Passinho do Faraó,” one of Bin Laden’s friends sets the rhythm by repeating “Tumba/ tumba/ tumba” nonstop while Bin Laden raps that “the pharaoh has left his tomb.” “The lyrics are nonsense, it’s like they are joking around, then someone has an idea and hours later that’s a song,” says Renato Barreiros, who directed two documentaries about funk ostentação in São Paulo. “But Bin Laden puts emphasis in the phonetics, so they became universal, you don’t need to understand Portuguese.””


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