10 Tracks Posted Today on SoundCloud

10 New Tracks for the Weekend c/o SoundCloud

Artists post fresh tracks daily on SoundCloud.com. Below are ten freshly posted tracks to rock your weekend with new music. Indie, rock, dance, rap, and instrumental selections.

  1. “Less is no more” by Hey Way. After a long week, unwind to this soothing track.
  2. “Know Reason” by Exposed Through Sound. If instead of relaxation one craves an energy boost, check out this track. Perfect for that tough lift at the gym or extra lap of cardio.
  3. “Anxiolytics” by Phantom. Heavy-metal intensity courses through this track. Feed your rage.https://soundcloud.com/user-397966509/anxiolytics
  4. “Easy to Say (An Exploration of Mellow Vibes)” by Elijah Rehill. Seize some good-time happy vibes and heal your head after the above metalhttps://soundcloud.com/elijah_rehill/easy-to-say
  5. “I Ask You” by Albert Bevia. Pop-rock happiness; listen to this for a cheery reminder of how important social connections are to self-fulfillment.https://soundcloud.com/albertbevia/i-ask-you
  6. “Moments” by Kyle Watson. Dance-beat groove to shake up Friday and Saturday night.
  7. “Never Forget You” by Zara Larsson x MNEK. Keep moving to this track with funky psych-rock synth madness and leading vocals.https://soundcloud.com/thatgoose/never-forget-remix
  8. “Liquid Stone Minimix” by Jemand Anders. This surge of energy is sure to carry one through late night dance scenes.
  9. “Never Gone End” by Keith Wright. Slow things down with this smooth R&B hip-hop blend.https://soundcloud.com/keithwright94/never-gone-end
  10. “The Narrow Path – Eisenhauer Beats Instrumental” by SEVVVEN. Soothing melodies to chill. Mix up a night-cap and absorb the elements of the evening.https://soundcloud.com/sevvven/the-narrow-path-eisenhauer-beats-instrumental-sevvven


Shout to Sources: SoundCloud and Artists who share their music.


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