3 Female Punk Bands You Need to Listen to Right Now

Unfortunately, there are not many female punk bands brought into the spotlight. We are overwhelmed by bands like the Sex Pistols and The Offspring when it comes to the powerhouses of the genre. While these bands have their excellence, the ladies need a little love too.

Here are a few bands to start your collection without feeling overwhelmed.

The Like Young

Though this has an amalgamation of both male and female vocals, it’s still worth noting due to how well their voices mesh together with the traditional punk static aesthetic. Male and female vocals in the punk genre are not mutually exclusive, and cannot be forgotten when noting some underrated sounds. Their 2006 album Last Secrets is a whirlwind of powerful riffs, electric emotions, and worthy sing-a-longs for all occasions – lonely drunk nights or a ruckus party.

Screaming Females

You get everything you have ever wanted from these ladies – screaming, angst, and a down-to-earth attitude. Their first album Baby Teeth is a fantastically fun record while also adding a bit of poetry with their lyricism to make you think. From the first song on their debut album, the song “Foul Mouth” sings “you’re in rapture my dear / if you ever come near / hell’s belt with a frown / turn your town upside down.” If you want a perfect combination of traditional female punk feeling with deep, emotional attachment, check out Screaming Females.


Traveling has a wonderful indie folk vibe mixed in with their punk flavor. If you want to jam a bit instead of being overwhelmed with what some consider constant blaring, Traveling is a nice middle ground. Unfortunately, the band did not have a long run, but the End of Summer Demo was a solid release and shouldn’t be overlooked, and this group provides a nice transition into the genre if you are a new listener.


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