Adam Olenius – “News Are Saying” Review


From Swedish rock band Shout Out Louds, frontman Adam Olenius has revealed the first track from his upcoming EP entitled Looking Forward to the New Me. The song is called “News Are Saying” which is a joint vocal effort with him and Say Lou Lou.

Upon listening to the track, one should not be fooled immediately by the seemingly plain or even simplistic acoustic guitar riffs. The best aspect about this track is the layers and the way they build upon one another. The melding of the guitar, then the vocals, then the bass in an effortless progression is silky smooth.

The instrumentation lulls beautifully and drifts, with surprise, into Say Lou Lou’s vocal portion, which fits perfectly with the track. The pitch of her voices goes right along with the light guitar picking in the backdrop. The layers build until the end of the track when their voices combine and bounce back and forth like Newton’s Cradle, a quiet yet pleasing aesthetic.

When discussing the new EP, Olenius stated:

Here it is. My solo debut. In the shape of 5 songs I started writing a few years ago and finished just a few weeks ago. Songs written at home, in the elevator, on airplanes, in bars  and in between soundchecks. No filters, no time to think. Pushed record and started singing. Songs about love, death, alcohol, money and other current affairs.

“News Are Saying” fits in this mold excellently with great amounts of authenticity, and it is expected to be just as graceful with the rest of the tracks in Olenius’ first solo endeavor.

Listen to the track below:

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Looking Forward To The New Me is set to release July 29th on Olenius’ label, ABWO.