Alice Bag Releases Politically Intense “Poisoned Seed”



From Alice Bag’s upcoming self-titled album from Don Giovanni Records is the new single “Poisoned Bag,” which is not only an epitome of modern punk mixed with classical elements of what makes the genre great, it retains some inherent political outcry intrinsic to the genre.

In an interview with The Muse, Bag talked about the track:

When I first started writing ‘Poisoned Seed,’ I thought I was going to be writing about actual seeds, but then I realized that what I was really upset about was a much bigger subject. I’m angry about the way the company does business. Its shady seed-policing tactics, the fact that it buys up and controls a huge portion of our food supply and that it’s an entity which appears to be driven by profit with little regard for social responsibility.

Listen to the track audio here:

Source: Stereogum, The Muse.