An Interview with Boogarins
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An Interview with Boogarins

We had a quick chat with the guys from Boogarins halfway through their long and impressive first international tour when they came to play Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.

The down to earth, charming young men of Boogarins give us a small peek of their new world of touring and fame – and how it basically hasn’t changed them yet. Their sudden success would be overwhelming for most, considering they only started their band less than two years ago and were self recording their debut album in high school in their parent’s house (what on earth were you doing in high school?). There is no denial that these kids are totally talented, having managed to produce such authentic ties to the past yet staying original. Their taste and maturity is highly sophisticated for guys their age. It’s a refreshing and exciting experience getting to know these guys. The full interview after the jump.

PUNCHLAND: Has anything changed since the New York Times article about you guys?

Benke: It was recent, about a week or two ago. The critic, Pareles, seems like a reputable guy. Everyone was very impressed because he went to two of our shows. The fact is, not much has changed. We did felt a stronger receptivity, especially in Brazil, the media was talking about us after that.

Fernando: We still don’t feel it because we’ve been playing every day non-stop. This tour has been incredible. It’s great that someone has mentioned it – it has made it worth it.

Hans: Directly nothing that I’ve noticed but it definitely will change things – it’s just such a large platform that it’s hard to grasp.

PUNCHLAND: What’s your impression of the United States?

Benke: We’re on our second day here in New York, it’s also our first time here in the United States. Everything has been really good because we’re here because of the band. We’ve just been playing, hitting the road, getting to know new places. So we are focused on a project that comes from Brazil. I think we’re using up a lot of energy and feeling rewarded for that. You don’t need to fill up your head with other things. So far the place that we had the most fun, unrelated to the shows, was Los Angeles, where we made new friends there with the band Mr. Elevator – we met at SXSW. We stayed for two days in their house getting to know Los Angeles, so I have a special place for Los Angeles.

PUNCHLAND: How is the tour going?

Benke: We’ve been out for a month, so far. This is our 15th show and we have 50 more to go, playing practically every day. We’re not tired – at least I’m not tired. I’ve never spent so much time far away from home, and there is still another two months to go. I’m sure there will be a down moment of getting homesick, but so far it’s all fun. We’re getting to know a lot of great people – like Mr. Elevator. We didn’t even know they were kids like us. We thought they were older. They are our age just playing.


PUNCHLAND: How do you feel being associated with Tropicalia movement?

Benke: I think it’s funny. Those that are in Brazil relate our music to what’s happening outside – bands like Temples. Those that are outside Brazil will relate it to something they know of Brazilian rock, we are nothing like Sepultura, the most famous recent band to come out of Brazil. Not everybody understood what Tropicalia was, it’s difficult in Brazil. It’s rock sung in Portuguese. We did listen to a lot of Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso. But when we were making music, the influence was more from outside. Today we listen to a lot more Brazilian music than when we were recording the album.

PUNCHLAND: Are you already thinking of your next album?

Fernando: We already have some songs ready that we play during shows. We even recorded a rehearsal of the ideas. We make songs independently, regardless of an album coming out. I think we are mostly concentrating on this tour. We need to go home and sit down to make a new album.

PUNCHLAND: Do you miss Brazil?

Rafael: I was thinking about that. How there isn’t time to miss anything because we are so busy. We stay in a city about one night and then move to the next place. It’s really an amazing experience. New York is beautiful – just like in the movies.

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