Avant-Rock Jaggery’s “Garden” and New Album Crux

“Garden” by Jaggery from Crux

Track Review:

Creating elegant rapture, Jaggery tantalizes the senses with artistic placement of instruments. Classical urges are fulfilled with Jaggery’s skillful marriage of sound. Surpassing the limits of the rock genre, Jaggery dabbles with aesthetic genius. The concoction of instruments is capable of igniting dopamine in the brain. Mali’s vocals linger in haunting lore. Daniel Schubmehl’s jazz direction twists #AvantRock to higher levels – taking cues from classical, jazz, pop, and rock. For me, the strings steal the show. Lingering notes – strummed by finger or bow – run up and down one’s spine. Tony Leva on upright bass, avant-classical viola c/o Rachel Jayson, and…the showstopper: the Celtic harp. Petaluma Vale’s delicate fingerings of the harp mirror the electric energy found in Mali’s unique vocal style. Beautiful and unique, Jaggery implements notes of earthy-romanticism.

Album Release:

Pre-Order Crux now for $40.00 online through BandCamp, stream tracks “War Cry” and “Garden.” Crux will be available in its entirety around 29 April 2016.

Upcoming Show:

Crux Album Release Show w/ Audrey Harrer + Dent at ONCE Ballroom in Sommerville, MA at 8:30 pm on 29 April 2016 (TicketFly).

@AudreyHarrer is an artist on the rise, ripping fresh tracks of electronic-sound. Harrer will be an interesting act to catch, opening up for Jaggery.

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