Azealia Banks arrested in New York for biting woman’s breast


Azealia Banks seems to be a lightning rod for trouble. The rapper got into an altercation earlier this year during a flight and now she was kicked out of a bar, but WAIT, there’s more!

The female rapper doesn’t do mundane things like, getting a little drunk and going home, nah, she’s a rock star and so she has to live up to her reputation.

The rapper was reportedly arrested after biting a security guard’s boob! That’s right, she bit the guard’s breast.

According to E! News she got to Up&Down in the Meatpacking District on Tuesday night and tried to get in, but she wasn’t on the list. How dare this people… After that she had an altercation with the club’s owner and was kicked out. That’s when she thought, you know what would be a great headline tomorrow? So yeah.

She was released on Wednesday morning.