Baroness – “Shock Me”


Heavy metal band Baroness has just premiered a powerful life affirming single “Shock Me” (which can be listened to below via YouTube) that will be on their upcoming album “Purple” that comes out on December 18th via the band’s recently self-formed record label Abraxan Hymns.

With the soft melodic intro you might think that this is just another indie pop group if you have never heard of the group before. However, it isn’t long before the whole rest of the band comes apologetically crashing in with powerful riffs, thundering drums, and vocals that reach the heavens with genuine raw strength. The song depicts struggle, but not in a way that gets you down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Pitchfork goes into further detail, saying:

Opening with pensive keys and clean guitars, before swirling into a gritty rock anthem, it’s an elegant song about being shocked into a new reality, about bad dreams coming true, about going into battle without proper prepation (you have a makeshift blade, your cohort or component a shield). On one level it feels like a song about the struggle and battle of day-to-day living, but this isn’t dour or sad music: In fact, Baizley sounds thankful for the clearer, sharper vision personal tragedy’s afforded him. As he yells, repeatedly, “Shock me/ I needed a surprise.”

This anthemic tune is definitely enough to get your blood pumping when you feel down and need to get back up.


Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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