Basement – “Promise Everything”



Ipswich, England based alternative rock band Basement is back with a catchy yet punchy new single “Promise Everything” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) that will be on their upcoming full length album of the same name that will be out via Run For Cover Records on January 29th, 2016.

“Promise Everything” instantaneously hooks you in with an eargasmic guitar riff. You have no choice but to be swept up and taken for the ride. The vocal melodies and hooks also boost the song’s catchiness and power in a rather delightful way. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

The title track “Promise Everything” shows how much the band has honed their sound over the course of three years. It shows shades of their newest EP Further Sky but amplifies their appeal and catchiness tenfold. Choruses sweep high, singer Andrew Fisher sounding more in control and on top of his voice than ever before. They’ve found the perfect balance between aggressive and catchy, culminating in perfect sounding alt-rock. Promise Everything will have what you’ve been waiting for in a rock record since forever. And it all starts here.

It’s about time more bands started putting the fun back in rock. Basement clearly has the right idea here.