Blanck Mass Announces New Album Dumb Flesh Out May 12th


Blanck Mass_Landscape_BampW_1_PHOTO CREDIT_Alex De Mora_zpsdz09knkhDumb Flesh was written, produced, and recorded by Benjamin in numerous different locations over the course of a year. The geographical spread of sessions is reflected in the shifting landscape of the tracks and the ever-changing sound palette used to realize Dumb Flesh as an expansive body of work. The album by Blanck Mass will be out May 12th via Scared Bones Records.

The album went through many stages before reaching a complete definitive version. Benjamin elaborates “There must have been at least three occasions where I re-produced the whole thing, replacing instrumentation and experimenting with new machines until I was happy with where the evolution of the project had arrived. That’s the difference between the subject matter of Dumb Flesh and the process of creating it; an end point can be reached. Saying that, I don’t like to stick around in one place too long so we’ll see where this leads to next.”

Blanck Mass Tour Dates:

5/02/15 – Gijon, ES – L.E.V.

7/24/15 – Sheffield, UK – Tramlines Festival

Blanck Mass – Dumb Flesh
(May 12, 2015 – Sacred Bones)

Side A
1. Loam
2. Dead Format
3. No Lite
Side B
4. Atrophies
5. Cruel Sport
6. Double Cross
Side C
7. Lung
8. Detritus
Side D
9. Life Science [Vinyl Only]

Pre-order Dead Format right here from iTunes.