Boogie “Out My Way (Bitter Raps II)”

Boogie’s New Track “Out My Way (Bitter Raps II)”

Track Review:

“Tell me, what you feelin’ like…” Boogie says, opening his track “Out My Way (Bitter Raps II).” Boogie deals with karmic issues of decision, and opts to feel “right.” Boogie is fed up with outside opinion.

Self-released tracks, “Catching Feelings (Feat. Tink),” and “Out My Way (Bitter Raps III)” are expected to be on Boogie’s upcoming EP Thirst 48 Pt. 2. Paul A. Thompson said, “The redux leans more heavily on social media mores, mocking dudes who schedule dates to procure Instagram content or take videos that might as well be selfies” (Pitchfork). Boogie pushes for uniqueness of character and refuses to be boxed in to social standards. Thompson noted the mixing skills of Keyel and Amaire Johnson, calling their abilities “massive, sprawling” (Pitchfork). Trevor Smith described Boogie’s scheme in “Out My Way (Bitter Raps II)” as: “Things begin with an unpredictability darting bassline, providing an uneasy atmosphere, before things open up to warmer sounds on the pre-chorus…” (HnHH).


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