The LA pop duo recently released a new track from their debut 5 song EP ‘In A Dream,’ that is due to come out this spring. As far as their sound, Bouquet wants to transport their fans into an uncanny universe, their songs being the portal. Expect to hear guitar and synthesizer blends accompanied by trembling electronic sounds.

Listen to “Come to Your House”

Along with a fresh sound, expect fresh packaging. Half of the In A Dream records pressed will be on black vinyl and the other half on white vinyl. The record was mixed by producer Cole Marsden Greif-Neill, who’s worked with the likes of Beck, Julia Holter, and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.

To promote their new album they are heading on tour!

Tour Dates:

3/08 Los Angeles, CA – Origami Vinyl
3/29 Los Angeles, CA – RECORD RELEASE show @ Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
4/18 Oakland, CA – Beyond Trend runway show @ Creative Growth
4/29 Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art
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