Brian Fallon Painkillers to Numb the Sting of Love

“Among Other Foolish Things” by Brian Fallon from Painkillers

Track Review:

Twangy guitar riffs open this jam. Brian Fallon’s track “Among Other Foolish Things” highlights the absurdity in the thought that “love love love is all you need.” People need more things than love alone because love often leaves a person wanting. Fallon accepts the mundane qualities of life, sitting home after work – all the basic boring factors. The life he describes holds the elements of romance: living at the beach, surrounded by action, city close by. But Fallon asks for mercy, he says, “Cause I’ve been hurt, I’ve been stung, by the good name of ‘love’ till I threw my own heart in the sea.” Trying to love, believing in love, searching for love…all foolish human goals. However, once in a great while – although love will not last – Fallon notes that he can paint a masterpiece. Some loves that come along last forever in one’s memory. Collin Brennan noted Fallon’s attachment to the past; he said, “The guy who sings about nostalgia for the past is having a hard time moving forward from his own successes…the real drug here is the intoxicating allure of a moment that’s gone and can’t be had back” (CoS).


Album Release:

Painkillers, released today, 11 March 2016. The album contains twelve tracks and features intense addresses to love and her responsibilities to humanity.

Tour Dates:

Fallon is touring in March 2016 beginning in the East Coast. Check out SongKick for show information and to order tickets.


Shout to Sources: Consequence of Sound, YouTube, iTunes, SongKick


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