Cage the Elephant – “Too Late to Say Goodbye”



Fuzz driven garage rock band Cage the Elephant have just put out a down and dirty new single “Too Late to Say Goodbye” (which can be listened to here) from their upcoming album “Tell Me I’m Pretty” which comes out on December 18th via Relentless Records.

“Too Late to Say Goodbye” could have easily been another sad glossy pop tune, but the fuzzy grit of the band’s garage driven sound grounds it enough to make it enjoyable to their fans. It’s definitely a lamenting song of a love gone wrong that maybe shouldn’t have even been there to begin with. A.V. Club goes into further detail, saying:

The band is absolutely sure of itself, though, and that comes across in its new single, “Too Late To Say Goodbye,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Produced, like the rest of the LP, by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, “Too Late To Say Goodbye” is dirty, low-riding rock. It’s just the thing to take that shiny holiday edge off.

It’s definitely good that during this time of the year we get some music that is actually rock and not just more holiday shenanigans. Kudos to Cage the Elephant for that.