Christine and The Queens: Five Remixes to Capture Your Heart

In Review:  Tilted (Remixes) by Christine and The Queens

French pop and R&B sensation, Héloïse Letissier – of Christine and the Queens – reworked tracks that were dear to her, successfully blending French and English via artistic interpretation. Andy Beta said, “Part of what makes her synth pop so beguiling is the balance struck: between French and English, between joy and something darker” (Pitchfork). Beta quoted Christine’s profile which pointed to her inspiration for creating music by encountering “the Queens” – a group of drag queen Londoners – who she said: “radiat[e] an enormous amount of simultaneous joy and pain” (Pitchfork). “Tilted (Paradis Remix)” features “wobbling bass swells of the original and tilt[s] things towards a lighter tone” (Pitchfork).

“Tilted (Paradis Remix)”

Chaleur Humaine is the original, French version of Christine and The Queens new EP. In efforts to reach a larger audience, Christine expanded her language field to incorporate English lyrics to her remixes. EL Hunt said, “The new English version is named ‘Tilted,’ and the video is identical to the previous French-language version…[but] Héloïse Letissier’s re-recorded lyrics are worthy of closer inspection. They’re completely different in meaning to the original French lyrics” (DIY).

“Tilted (Clock Opera Remix)”

Myles Tanzer noted that the artist response to Christine and The Queens remix EP is positive and energetic. He quoted Lizzy of MsMr who said: “Christine and the Queens is one of our favorite artists of the past few years…so Max jumped at the chance to remix ‘Tilted’…we’re so proud and excited to be a little part of the story of an artist we admire so much…” (TheFader).

“Tilted (MS MR Remix)”

The 2015 track, “Tilted” by Christine and The Queens, attracted much attention in the music world. On 8 April 2016, Christine and The Queens released the enigmatic EP Tilted (Remixes) that includes five re-ordered/re-versed tracks. On “Bayonne Remix,” Chris DeVille said, “The Austin producer lends a spectral grace to an already beautiful song, filling in the stuttering rhythms with plaintive piano and other sounds designed to rip your heart in two” (Stereogum).

“Tilted (Bayonne Remix)”

Tour Dates:

Christine and The Queens are performing at Coachella! and other summer events. Click HERE to view and purchase tickets to their 2016 tour.

Album Info:

Tilted (Remixes) released 8 April 2016 and is available for purchase through iTunes. Click HERE to purchase. The five track EP is only $3.99 or $1.29 per track.

“Tilted (Danny L Harle Remix)”


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