Clean Cut Kid – “Runaway”


clean cut kid

Liverpool based indie pop rock band Clean Cut Kid has released via Babe Magnet Records a fun and bouncy new single “Runaway”(which can be listened to here) which is part of a large cluster of songs that the band has locked themselves away recording for the past year and a half.

Though “Runaway” is overall an indie kind of tune its ear pleasing melodic vocals, fun beat, and catchy chorus hook makes it accessible enough to the mainstream for them to have a good chance of making respectable amounts of commercial success as a band. Indie Shuffle describes the song and band as:

They’re indie, but not in the way we’ve heard it before. They’re accessible and have catchy choruses, but they’re not boring. They’re not too edgy that we can’t love their sound from the first listen, but we’ve still got the appeal of discovering more about this new band.

Clean Cut Kid is definitely a group to keep an eye on. They seem dedicated to making the absolute best fun music while keeping it accessible to the public.