Coldplay feat. Beyonce – “Hymn For the Weekend”


Seems for their upcoming album “A Head Full of Dreams” Coldplay have teamed up with Beyonce for a fun yet emotional track “Hymn For the Weekend” (which can be listened to here). The album will be coming out this Friday via Parlophone and Atlantic.

“Hymn For the Weekend” is one of those party tunes you can move and easily clap along to. Martin’s and Knowles’s voices blend like a finely made mixed cocktail. It’s like a match was made in Heaven. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the two artists would be able to collaborate so well, but lo and behold we have been pleasantly proven wrong. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

So now we have “Hymn for the Weekend,” which is a sort of languorous party and love song rolled into one. Obviously it sounds dope because Beyoncé always sounds incredible. Chris Martin has a nice voice, too. He sings “I’m feeling drunk and high / so high,” proving, as we’ve all long suspected, that Coldplay and weed is a great combination.

“A Head Full of Dreams” is shaping up to be pretty interesting. If it is indeed Coldplay’s final album then it will definitely be a good way to end things on a high note.

Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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