Color Plus – Netcika

New York-based Color Plus has been steadily rising in profile as part of Brooklyn’s Swim Team crew, a collective of like-minded dance and beat-driven music aficionados. But with the release of the Netcika EP, there’s a case for Color Plus being the standout.

If you’ve ever played the cult-favorite music/puzzle game Lumines, then you might notice that the ADD, acid-driven dance music of Netcika seems like it would be the perfect soundtrack for some frantic, Tetris-stacking hijinx. On tracks like “Hem”, Color Plus layers fragmented beats over sped-up vocal effects, coupled with looping sounds that alternate between woozy to gliding, sometimes feeling like a F1 racer who’s constantly switching between the gas and brake pedals.

As many outlets have noted, Color Plus’ music feels like it’s made for the club. And that’s because there’s something decidedly visual about the music he’s making. You can picture people’s bodies syncing with the music as they try to match the changing tempos, and that’s probably not a coincidence, it’s dance music after all.

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Netcika is out now via Bootleg Tapes.


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