Cosmo Sheldrake-“Rich”

They say that the best way to learn and be inspired is by leaving the classroom and exploring the world and letting yourself be influenced by it; and that is exactly what song writer and experimental musician Cosmo Sheldrake has done. Cosmo Sheldrake’s new track “Rich” mixed by alalal(aka Al O’connell) as well as his debut Ep “Pelicans We” on transgressive records, due to release April 6th, were apparently greatly influenced  from trips that Sheldrake took down the Panama Canal, to isolated islands populated entirely by scientists, and to rain forests in remote coastal British Columbia.

Cosmo Sheldrake is known for his eccentricity, however in his new track rich Sheldrake has taken things to a whole new level by going so far as to create and use a beat made from the tearing of meat off a cow carcass. Though I personally wasn’t crazy about this specific song when I first heard it, I still found it extremely catchy to the point that by the end of it I found myself humming along to it’s wacky beat and liking it more the second time around. Overall Sheldrake is an amazing artist who has a fresh(unconventional) way of looking at the world that positively breaks away from the norm. As such I believe that Sheldrake has a very bright future in front of him in the music world and I can’t wait to hear more from his new album.

“He perceives the daily world around him… definitely with a child-like curiosity and wonder but also with a fair measure of genius.” – The Guardian

You can pre-order Sheldrake’s new Ep on I- tunes here :


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