Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Aerobed”


cymbals eat guitars

Indie rock group Cymbals Eat Guitars have just put out a feels-filled ballad “Aerobed” (which can be listened to below via YouTube) as a split single with Keven Devine that is now available as a 7″ single via Bad Timing Records in their Devinyl Splits series.

“Aerobed” was written in memory of the band’s former keyboardist Daniel Baer who unfortunately passed last year from drug use. You can tell from the rawness of the acoustic guitars, the passion behind the rhythms, and the soul behind the vocals that although their former comrade caused them a great deal of grief they still at the same time felt a deep amount of love and compassion for him. This is powerful stuff right here. Pitchfork goes into further detail, saying:

Opening with a raw strum à la “Play Crack the Sky”, Joseph D’Agostino recalls his fraught relationship with original Cymbals keyboardist Daniel Baer, who was fired on his sickbed while recovering from surgery in Roosevelt Island. “Friendship this intense is frightening/ You go to the bathroom and come back a different person,” D’Agostino sings, and in vivid detail, he admits to his codependency, recoils at his breaking point, hides his shame from his grandmother. The song was recorded in December of last year; Baer passed away in August. Though D’Agostino may have been inspired by his anger, regret, sadness, or some combination thereof, as with every song on the heavy-hearted LOSE, it’s clear now that “Aerobed” was written out of love.

This is definitely a feel trip. Get ready for emotions on a whole other level.