Dan Friel – “Rattler”



Dan Friel who used to front the band Parts & Labor has just released an electrifying new single “Rattler” (which can be listened to below via NPR Music) which will be on his upcoming solo album “Life” which will be out on October 16th via Thrill Jockey Records.

You wouldn’t think there are any guitars in the entrancing instrumental that is “Rattler”, but surprisingly they take up the primary instrument spot. It would be easy to be fooled into thinking that everything was done on a computer or synthesizer if you didn’t know any better. It is a great song to get lost in or also crank up loudly in a club setting due to its futuristic overtones and hypnotic rhythms. Stereogum further describes “Rattler” saying:

And now NPR has posted another new song: “Rattler,” which would’ve been a really great instrumental fuzz-rock song if all the guitars hadn’t been fed through so many filters that I’m not even sure if they really are guitars. As it is, it’s something else entirely, but it’s still great on its own terms. Listen to the track below.

I would actually kind of be interested to hear what kind of fuzz rock this song would sound like had it not been so filtered. Maybe a remix is in order?