Dark Entries Announces Van Kaye + Ignit and Portion Control Releases!


Dark Entries will be releasing Van Kaye & Ignit’s A Slight Delay (2XLP) alongside Portion Control’s I Staggered Mentally on February 24th.


Van Kaye + Ignit initially released A Slight Delay as a 60-minute cassette album with the 4-track album, 7″, in the early 80’s shortly after the Dutch duo united. Their upcoming re-issue includes the complete 11-track original c-60 cassette and 7″ across two vinyl disks, masterfully transferred by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Van Kaye + Ignit’s re-issue withholds their innovative experimentation with synthesizers, development of extreme sounds alongside new wave riffs and eerie electronics over mechanical rhythms classic of early homemade electronic music of the early 80’s. Also included are double sided insert with photos, lyrics, liner notes by the band, and a fold-out poster!

Listen below for the preview of A Slight Delay. Click here to pre-order.



The British electronic and industrial trio Portion Control’s updated release of their debut album, I Staggered Mentally, via Dark Entries will come complete with press releases, concert flyers and photos circa the album’s recording of the early 80’s. Their hit singles, “Raise the Pulse,” “Rough Justice” and “Go-Talk” popularized themselves within the underground arena with its self-proclaimed “hard rhythmic electronic” sound which had major influences on other big names including Depeche Mode. I Staggered Mentally’s anticipated release will be available on vinyl, also transferred by Horn, and highlights the band’s raw electronic aesthetic.

Listen below for a preview of I Staggered Mentally. Click here to pre-order.