Deafheaven – “Brought to the Water”



San Francisco based experimental hardcore metal band Deafheaven have just premiered an epic lengthy new single (which can be listened to below_ via SoundCloud called “Brought to the Water” from their upcoming album “New Bermuda” which will be available to the public on October 2nd via Antirecords.

“Brought to the Water” is a song that brings you on a musical adventure. It grips you into the action right away with a brash, rude, and fast guitar riff that is soon followed up by some angry vocals. However, it does not take long before the mood of the song changes; gradually getting more laid back and melodic as things go on. Noisey goes into further detail on the subject saying:

Off the bat, the tone and styles found are vastly different than the almost uplifting and affirming beauty found in Sunbather and its opener “Dream House.” Instead, you’re hit with a very chuggy and sonically angry guitar riff, becoming the polar opposite of what was found before. The rest of the record will be a thing to behold.

Indeed, the rest of “New Bermuda” should be something interesting to behold if it is as progressive and experimental as “Brought to the Water” is on its own.