Death Index – “Dream Machine”


Merchandise front man Carson Cox’s side project Death Index has just put out a self released bassy and riffy dark new single “Dream Machine” (which can be listened to here via BandCamp) which is from the band’s three song EP “DX” which came out on September 24th.

“Dream Machine” is a fairly short driving song (keeping with the spirit of the band’s punk roots) containing riffs that act in some ways as a gigantic wall of sound, yet at the same time it is quite melodic in terms of the vocals and guitar solos. Pitchfork goes into further detail on the track saying:

Rapisarda’s skills behind the kit are undeniable, as he constructs a dichotomy between frenzied fills and a more leisurely main tempo. He also comes armed with the multi-instrumental dexterity typical of someone in the hardcore scene, framing the percussive deluge with mournful new wave guitars that serve as extensions of Cox’s wobbly croon. Indeed, Death Index sound deceptively full-bodied for a two-man band—after the song’s speedy demise, you can tell there’s a lot more madness where that came from.

“Dream Machine” acts as a good taste of what the rest of the EP contains. It is plenty enough to leave you wanting more.

Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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