DIY OR BUST: Meow Wolf Documentary Comes to Brooklyn

In uncertain times, art often finds a way to prevail. For the Sante Fe arts collective Meow Wolf, the past decade has been driven by forging their own definition of art and reinventing the immersive landscape in the process.

Founded on shared principles of “radical inclusivity, maximalism, and narrative interactive art”, the collective has gained International acclaim for their events, which border on organized chaos. The group also the eye of George R.R. Martin, who executive produced the forthcoming documentary, Meow Wolf: Origin Story, which will premiere this week in Bushwick at the House of Yes.

The Meow Wolf story is the story of DIY, creatives and entrepreneurs everywhere

Known for integrating acrobatics, dance, live music and video art into their screenings, Meow Wolf tapped the borough’s own Little Cinema to bring its signature style to this week’s NYC premiere. Naturally, Brooklyn too has a long line of arts collectives that are recreating the immersive experience genre in their own right and it would be hard to imagine a screening here that didn’t incorporate the work of local groups in some way. With Little Cinema and House of Yes, the action is both on screen and all around you.

Jay Rinksy, the founder of Little Cinema and known as CHNNLS as a visual artist, notes that “the film itself is the piece of art that Little Cinema and House of Yes get to play and respond to , enhancing to moments through live performance and effects. Meow Wolf creates art that invites people to interact and play with — which makes this unique, immersive premiere so appropriate.”

“Origin Story is the enduring power of the underdog that overcomes all obstacles through community, heart and hard work,” notes Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek. “The American Dream has taken a severe beating for decades by those who refuse to value artists and creativity, but the point today is the same as ever: never give in and never give up.”

How to See It

Don’t miss this week’s chance to experience this one-of-a-kind collaboration and celebration of imagination. Additional tickets for this week’s performances on Thursday and Friday will be released this week and for those can’t make it, Meow Wolf will make the doc available for download via their website after November 30th.

Watch the Trailer

Meow Wolf: Origin Story – Teaser Trailer from Meow Wolf on Vimeo.

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