DJ Sakr – “Mix Type #1 – The A-L + #2 The M-Z”



Brazilian indie musician and producer DJ Sakr has made a rather bold move of putting out two rather lengthy experimental sounding mix tapes: “Mix Type 1 – The A-L” and “Mix Type 2 – The M-Z” within very close proximity to one another (which can be listened to here and here via SoundCloud). Both are put out through Sakr’s personal label Easytiiger Records.

These mix tapes feature remixed works from various artists Sakr has worked with in some way or another. That being said, the genres range from Soul, Brazilian Boogie, Disco Not Disco, Cosmic House, Balearic, Jazz, Afro Beats, 60’s Rock and Bossa. The various forms of musical expression flow from one into the other quite seamlessly, creating an immersive musical experience that feels organic. On the subject of the mix tapes, Sakr says:

“I seek to approach and build an atmosphere that bend a bit the perception, mixing present and past with originality and fun. I wanna push the many styles that I like beyond the line that translates something new to the people on the dancefloor.”

Sakr’s method of making experimental music fun and accessible to a larger demographic certainly succeeds in a variety of ways. Even the more casual listener will find something to appreciate.

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