Dorthia Cottrell’s Solo Album Out March 3rd


Dorthia Cottrell’s solo album, Dorthia Cottrell, is out March 3rd via Forcefield Records.

“Cottrell channels the lonelier and darker side of Americana…her voice resides somewhere between Mark Lanegan’s husky howl and Lucinda Williams’ desperate heartache, with a breathier heft that gives me the vapors.”  – NPR’s Lars Gotrich

“akin to Linda Ronstat, Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, and more modern heartbreakers like Angel Olsen…” – Noisey

You can stream one of the songs on her upcoming album “Oak Grove” via NPR.

Alexa Carmona
Alexa Carmona
I am a sophomore who is currently enrolled at Rutgers University, majoring in Communications and pursuing a career in the music industry. Music is my passion: I am a singer/songwriter who is constantly writing music and discovering the freshest, latest releases from all different unique artists out there.


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