How To Dress Well At Glasslands

How To Dress Well At Glasslands

Tom Krell, better known by his stage name How to Dress Well, usually plays larger venues than Glasslands these days, but he took time out of his schedule to play one of the final shows at the soon-to-be-closed Williamsburg haunt. The Tuesday night (Dec. 16) concert brought Krell back to the place where he played one of his very first New York shows prior to the release of his debut album, Love Remains, in 2010.

That 2010 show resulted in an unfavorable review by a New York Times reporter who showed up that night, a story Krell hilariously retold for his current audience.

In between playing cuts off of his excellent 2014 album, “What Is This Heart?”, Krell chatted amiably with the audience about whatever seemed to cross his mind.

Topics included:
1. Hanukkah – It was the first day of the Jewish holiday, and he never had a Bar Mitzvah.
2. Bono – The U2 singer had a recent cycling accident and Krell requested the audience find out how he was doing. A few songs later the answer came from the peanut gallery… “Bono is fine!” Krell was pleased.
3. What inspires him – J. Crew catalog and the proliferation of Duane Reade in NYC. (He was joking, don’t worry!)
4. The giant bear mask that hangs from the Glasslands wall – Krell and some friends spent New Years Eve 2008 at Glasslands. His friend Jojo (who now sells HTDW merch at the shows) ran around the room wearing the mask and yelling “Suck that bear dick!” at people.

It was kind of weird listening to Krell regal the crowd with his hilarious stories and quips and then immediately launch into one of his deeply confessional songs sung in his trademark falsetto, but it worked. Even when he forgot the lyrics during “Face Again” and began laughing on stage, it just felt like we were watching someone who was having a good time, rather than someone who just fucked up one of their own songs.

In addition to his own jams, Krell also managed to throw in an entertaining cover of Rich Gang’s (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) “Lifestyle” at the end of the night.

Electronic vet Porcelain Raft got the crowd moving early, and Das Racist’s Heems played a DJ set.

#LastLands… Get over there before it’s too late..

Here are a couple of really shitty pics from the night. (But I am pretty sure I now know how to use my camera… so that’s cool!)

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Written by Dominick Grillo

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