Drones Club – “Telescope Lover”


London based dance pop collective Drones Club has just premiered a rather bouncy and retro sounding new single “Telescope Lover” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) as part of a double A side package with their other new track “Soul of a Spaceman” via PMR.

“Telescope Lover” definitely has a disco vibe to it. Its hypnotic rhythms and pleasing melodies are difficult to not latch immediately onto. By putting this song on you can almost feel like you’re in a dance club of the future (or at least a dance club of the future from a 70’s/80’s perspective). Stereogum goes into further detail, saying:

Their acid-soaked psychedelic wormhole “Telescope Lover” dabbles with hypnotic disco vibes fit for an ’80s dance floor, but with boogie-worthy funk and soul influences that transcend decades. Drones Club’s live shows are eccentric — the band wears white boiler suits and masks to illustrate their philosophy that humans have become a bunch of drones — but the music is pretty universally appealing. In this case, a waterfall of upbeat and infectious synths and the increasingly popular pan flute combine for a pulsating listening experience.

“Telescope Lover” is sure to garner fans of dance music both new and old. It has a little something for everyone who likes to get down and funky.

Joshua Leep
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