Dry – Interview Part II

This is the second part of the interview we did with the artist in residence this week: Dry.

Dry is:
Marco Bauer (vocals)
Pedro Bernardi (guitar)
Gustavo Gontijo (bass and vocals)
Augusto Zimiani (drums)

You can connect with them here:

Punchland – I really liked the concept of releasing the record as a Cloud Album. It reminded me of artists like Radiohead and Louis C.K. at a different capacity, where they release their work in a similar way. In their case, it was a reaction against the industry, because they have been quite unfair to artists and the consumer. What are your thoughts about this issue and how did you figure this was the best strategy to release Enjoy the Fall?

Dry – To question and to change is important. We really value that. With Radiohead, for instance, it was a protest; they were questioning the current way the machine works. That was really important! To Dry the context is somewhat different, however it also applies. We are an independent band that released songs under creative commons. We believe ideas should be shared and we did that with our record. Besides, the record has this aesthetics based on black and white photographs, whereas usually the people here (in Goiania) go for more colorful illustrations. We try to do things differently and that’s how we wind up with the idea for the Cloud Album, which is an excellent tool that provides a different experience for the listener.

Punchland – You played Goiânia Noise, Vaca Amarela, Bananada, Grito Rock and Tattoo Rock Fest recently. What are the tour plans for the future?

Dry – We played a lot of local festivals and we want to keep on playing, expanding, to rule the world, hahaha! We don’t want to stop here, we’re already thinking about the third record.

Punchland – Do you have any idea of what the next record will be? Are you experimenting with new tracks and new themes?

Dry – We don’t really know. We do have some songs, but it is in its embrionary stage. We didn’t even had enough time to release the first one, hahaha!

Punchland – What has been the reaction of your fans in the social networks?

Dry – Well, I guess we can say there were great expectations for it; keep in mind that we had an original release date in April 2013. The expectations were so great that our friends started to nag us, but I feel that they liked it after all. It’s been great.

Punchland – That’s really funny. What did they say when they were nagging you?

Dry – Oh, stuff like, “so, where’s the record? Hahaha the usual. I mean, we announced a year ago that we were coming up with a new album, so it’s normal for them to demand satisfaction.

Punchland – Tells us about the rock scene in Goiania.

Dry – The (rock) scene in Goiania needs no introduction, right? Hahaha! Everybody has a band and every band has an authorial sound. That’s really good! You can listen to a new song every day and at the end of a concert have an exchange of ideas with them. And we’re not even counting all the gems that are being produced here, world domination… We are really in the right place!

Punchland – Fabricio Nobre (booker for bands like Boogarins, Bonde do Role and Gloom and founder of Goiania Noise Festival), speaking about the festival, said “being independent guarantees that, regardless of what happens, the festival (Goiania Noise) will happen.” Would you say that this attitude is the drive behind this new wave of bands in Goiania? The city, in the last 30 years, got the nickname of “Seattle of Brazil,” that being said, I think that the creativity and diversity in sounds is bigger than ever before, no?

Dry – Man, this is all happening because of this moment we’re living in. We are part of the generation that saw the birth of the Internet, that saw all world connected and we witnessed, first hand, the access to information and all these new technologies. We don’t need newspapers or the radio to let us know who has a successful band. In fact, that concept doesn’t exist anymore. Success means an infinity of things. I’m absolutely in love with bands that have way less views than our friends Black Drawing Chalks, for instance. And I find that to be a measure of success. All the connectivity allowed us to achieve our kid’s dream of having a band. And also compose your songs, why not? And also to record and play for your friends. Being independent means not giving a fuck about what’s happening out there; you have your band and you reap what you sow. We postponed the release date of our record for a whole year and nobody can sue us for it. And if we needed to postpone another year to make sure the record was going to be good, we would have done it. We aim at the final result.

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