Dystopian Look at Corporate Life


“No More Parties in the Attic” by Exploded View

Track Review:

Industrial sounds of mechanized humanity open the track. Anika’s erie vocals, paired with the definite dystopian message, announce that there will be “No More Parties in the Attic.” The suggested meaning of this is not the end of a birthday event but the apocalyptical end of the human species…or at least the end of free-style fun. Corporate dreams crush natural utopias, and Exploded View sees the smattering of the individual among the grandeur of constructed prisons. Laura Snapes said, “The band, compromising Crocodiles’ Martin Thulin, Robota’s Hugo Quezada, and Jessy Bulbo’s Hector Melgarejo, play a lurching, dystopian ballad forged from the clanks of the tarnished industrial spaces that once housed raves and art exhibitions, but are now being overtaken by businesses looking for a bit of an edge” (Pitchfork). Click HERE to read her full article. Natalie Caamano said, “Though the déjà vu-inducing track … seems mapped out with it’s increasingly-layered textures and rhythms, the entirety of the album was fully improvised and put together with ‘first-takes only’” (Spin).

Track Download:

The single “No More Parties in the Attic” is available on iTunes for $.99 or on BandCamp for $1.00. If you are familiar with BandCamp, that extra penny is worth the effort – the band receives support and fundage through their fan-base. Click HERE to listen and purchase on BandCamp.



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